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Terms of Service & Use and Privacy Policy

Kira Art Gallery

Our Gallery

Kira Art Gallery was founded to host international themed art competitions with international juries.

Our objective is to provide award recipients with the opportunity to strengthen their presence through our gallery, acquire international online media and social media exposure, enhance their portfolios, and become a part of a growing community of award-winning artists.


The winner will  receive a monetary prize (which can be used without restriction or condition). Based on the amount and quality of all applications received, Honorable Mention and/or Special Recognition awards will be given.



Pay Pal

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods available today. It’s used by millions of people around the world to make quick and easy online payments. Our gallery has decided to use PayPal as our primary payment method because of its flexibility and ease of use.PayPal allows users to send and receive payments using their email address. 

Overall, we think that using PayPal will be the most advantageous method of transferring the prizes to our winners. because it is secure, quick, and the winners can receive their prizes sooner.


The purpose of Kira Art Gallery is to promote artists to art professionals, gallerists, collectors, and buyers all over the world.

All inquiries from potential buyers who see the artwork on the Kira Art Gallery website will be forwarded to the artist for further discussion. Links to the artist’s website (or email address if the artist does not have a website) will be included on the exhibition page.


Our gallery reserves the right to disqualify artwork that is rude, inappropriate, contains racist messages, or is violently graphic. In addition, the Gallery will communicate privately with the artist who submitted the work to clarify the jury’s decision and the Gallery’s reasoning for disqualification.


*  Any contest submission fees collected are non-refundable 

* Art submission fees are cover administration costs

*  Artists are advised to submit maximum allowable uploads as each contest allows for the entry price.

* Artists are encouraged to submit as many works as possible for each contest.

Artist Bio and Statement

The artist must provide a brief biography or artist statement. This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself, including your artistic training, inspiration, media choice, any techniques utilized, and anything else you would like others to know about you and your art. Please include your website URL and/or email address if you have one so that we can refer collectors and buyers to you. Please keep in mind that bios that go over the word limit may be edited by our gallery.

Judging Criteria

Your creativity, originality, interpretation, quality, overall design, evidence of artistic ability, and use of your chosen medium, will be carefully examined when judging your work.

Artwork rights

Kira Art Gallery will provide credit to each image with their Artist Name, Title, and, if relevant, their Artist Email/Website. All copyrights to any artwork submitted to Kira Art Gallery will be retained by the artist.

Use of your images on our website

Artists who enter an art competition on the Kira Art Gallery website and have any of their submissions selected for inclusion in the subsequent art show agree to the following:

Winning artwork will be used by Kira Art Gallery for display, marketing, and promotional purposes for that art exhibition, as well as any future Kira Art Gallery themed art competitions and exhibitions. The image(s) may only be used in Kira Art Gallery promotions, such as advertisements, press releases, event presentations, articles, compilation slide shows and videos, brochures, catalogues, and event mailers, as well as on the gallery’s website and social media sites. Kira Art Gallery will provide credit to each image is used.

Kira Art Gallery can keep a record of the chosen artwork and display it for posterity as part of a historical site record of previous themed displays. This archive will be accessible to the public.

* * The artwork you submit for consideration does not belong to Kira Art Gallery. All images on this website are the sole property of the respective artist, who retains all copyright and other legal rights to these works.

* Kira Art Gallery will not resell or exchange any photographs. This website’s images may not be duplicated or downloaded.

* * Artists should read the Terms of Service & Use and Privacy Policy pages on the website. By participating in any Kira Art Gallery art competition, the artist agrees to the Terms of Service & Use, Privacy Policy, and Competition Rules.

Kira Art Gallery is a gallery where all artists are invited. Kira Art Gallery wants to create the most complex and vast art awards to motivate artists. Kira Art Gallery was created to motivate and create artistic opportunities. Kira Art Gallery is a new and dynamic gallery. Kira Art Gallery is an art awards academy.